Pinmill Wrecks

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Wrecked boats at Pinmill
Pinmill Is a small hamlet on the south bank of the river Orwell, on the water front there is a marina and a pub/restaurant The Butt & Oyster.
In order to get to where the wrecked boats are located you need to walk down to the water front and then turn right passed the pub, walking along the path which takes you passed the house boats moored on the river.

The river bank is mud , so you need to wear wellingtons if you do not want to be up to your angles in mud.
This image was taken on a Canon 5D MkIII, using a Canon 24-105mm zoom set at a focal length of 32mm. I used a Hoya circular polarizing filter in order to bring out the faded reds on the boats.

In order to ensure that the image was sharp for foreground to background I set the aperture a F16, this coupled with the filter dictated a shutter speed of 1/40 sec.

In composing the image I was looking to use the group of boats as a leading lines into the photo, I would have liked to have had slightly more interest in the sky, however the interesting patterns on the riverbank enhanced the appearance of the foreground.

The image was processed using Silver Efex which mainly involved bring out the detail in the sky and the marbling on the river bed.