Dedham Sunrise

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Sunrise at Dedham
Dedham is a small village on the Essex/Suffolk boarder, it is located in what is called Constable,s country as it is in this area that the painter John Constable produced some of his most famous works.
This image was taken was from just below the bridge which crosses the river Stour on the B1029 on a misty dawn morning in April using a Canon Mk II, using a Tamron 28-300mm lens set at 55mm focal length.
The timing had to be just right because as can be seen from the image the sun was just beginning to burst through both the trees and the mist and would been a problem with lens flare.
This is a good photographic location all year round, but best in the Autumn and Spring in the early morning, when the mist is a fairly regular event.
If you walk further down the river to the east of the bridge there are a number of interesting groupings of trees which can be photographed either alone or using the river reflections.