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Big Sky Dungeness
This location blog is for a change by the sea, in fact on the English Channel. Dungeness is located on a coastal prominence between Folkestone and Rye on the south coast, it is reached using the M20 heading towards the Channel Tunnel.
The beach is littered with the remains of a long defunked fishing industry in the form of dilapidated boats, small gauge railways and winching machinery, in addition the are numerous brightly coloured timber cottages along the approach road.
The beach is a “pebble beach “as such be prepared for some for some tired legs if you decided to march along its length. In addition to the beach there are 2 no lighthouses and a nuclear power station so you are spoilt for choice in terms of images.
This is big sky country so you need to keep an eye on the weather and visit when there are either stormy period forecast or at least some fast move cloud cover, blue sky’s will limit your photographic opportunities.
As you can see any weather front approaching in good time, it sometime pays to set up your composition and then wait for the dramatic sky’s to arrive.
This was the method I used for this image, it was clear that a storm front was blowing in from the north, as such I set up this composition and waited. I had 2 cameras set up, the first a 4x5 large format view camera and secondly my Canon 5D MkiII which captured this image. The gods were kind to me on this occasion in that even through the sky was dark with storm clouds the sun broke through and lit up the side of the boat,
You will see that I have tried to use the winch as foreground interest with the small gauge rails leading into the image, however what make the scene in the storm clouds in the sky.
As noted above this image was taken using a Canon 5D MkIII at F18 using a Canon 17-40mm lens with a focal length of 40mm, no filters were used, however a polarizer filter is a must in the early morning and late evening when the sun in some instances will be a 90 degrees.